Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer

Mr Iqbal Memon Officer (Salat) is a grass root active worker of Memon Community in India. He is a very well-known among Muslims and non-muslims. He is a popular personality of Memon Community in India & abroad always available for social causes as and when called.

He was born 01/09/1950 in Vasavad (Saurashtra Gujrat, India). His father Late Abdul Hamid Salat and grandfather Late Haji Moosa were very religious, hailing from very respectable, simple, humble family.

Mr Iqbal Memon Officer is also very humble, polite and down to earth person, like rooted in their family. He is always busy in travelling throughout India and abroad for charitable causes and interacting with people to resolve their basic problem of Health, Housing and Employment.

His main aim is to unite community with cooperative and concentrated efforts.

Early Life

Mr Iqbal Memon Officer came in Mumbai from Odisha in the year 1972 with 25 paise in his pocket to try his luck and started his business as a HAWKER and gradually became the owner of 100 Hawker Stalls in Mumbai with his true dedicated hard work.

Business Status

He established a pioneered grand empire in garment business with OFFICER brand name, due to which he is known as OFFICER.

He is a Chairman of "Officer Fashion Craft Pvt Ltd" the empire which he created with his true hard work, loyalty, discipline and dedication.

Personal life

In 1969, Mr Iqbal Officer married Sheherbanoo. They had five children, two sons and three daughters Shabana (daughter) married and settled in USA, Shamim (daughter) married and settled in UK, Asif (son) married and settled in Mumbai, Javed (son) married and settled in USA and Shama (daughter) married and settled in USA.

Social Life

He has suffered a lot during his struggle time in Mumbai and has an experience of sufferings of poor people so he started employing poor, deserving people so that they can become self-sufficient and uplift their family from the darkness of unemployment and poverty.

In the field of social services he has achieved a milestone and set an example for others to follow.

He joined All India Memon Jamat Federation as a National Executive Committee Member in the year 1975 and gradually promoted to Zonal Secretary and awarded with Best Zonal Secretary Award for his great services for the cause of community. Thereafter he was appointed as a Vice President and travelled all over India, formed 100 Jamats under his guidance. In India there exist 498 Halai Memon Jamats and he has almost visited all Jamats.

He has also arranged a permanent office premises for All India Memon Jamat Federation's at Beg Mohammed Park, Narayan Dhuru Street, Mumbai – 400 003 from Mumbai Municipal Dept.

On 11/04/2015 he was unopposed elected as a President of All India Memon Jamat Federation and under his leadership activities of All India Memon Jamat Federation has increased many-fold. He is striving hard to eradicate the darkness of poverty from the community and unite all Jamats on single platform so that 'each one should help someone'.

He has created awareness for good among Memon community in particular and Muslim community in general. He is famous not only in Memon Community but also in entire Muslim Community and also Non-Muslim Community.

He is striving hard for maintaining UNITY and BROTHERHOOD in society.

He is a symbol of Humanity and kindness. He is Mentor among Youths of Memons.

He established various Institutions and expanded their services & recognised as a guardian of poor people.


Mr Iqbal Memon Officer is the pioneer of WORLD MEMON DAY. The concept of WORLD MEMON DAY is quite clear that it must be carried forward for generations to celebrate on 11th April by doing charitable causes more effectively and efficiently.


1. To celebrate "World Memon Day" every year on 11th April throughout the world by executing Social & Charitable Causes for masses at large irrespective of caste, creed or religion i.e distribution of Fruits in Hospitals, Orphanage, distribution of School Kit in Govt Schools.
2. To Organize Blood Donation Camp / Medical Camp
3. To Promote the Culture, Tradition, Language and dignity of Memons;
4. To bequeath Memon Tradition
5. To promote the advancement, upliftment, unity, welfare and well-being of all Memons
6. To arrange Seminars / Get Together & Create Awareness
7. To unite Memon organisations, institutions, corporate bodies, associations, Jamaats and individuals
8. To Help the Helpless & alleviate poverty from Memon Community.
9. To promote Higher Professional Education
10. To improve the quality and standard of living of Memons
11. To relieve poverty, sickness, distress and suffering of any persons who are in need irrespective of their race, caste, nationality and creed;
12. The Council has Power to formulate schemes, policies & rules which they deem fit as and when required

Social Affiliations

Glimpse of his affiliation and post with various Social Organizations:-
All India Memon Jamat Federation(AIMJF),
Federation of Readymade Garment Association (FORGA),
EKTA Welfare Association,
Ex Founder President — Vasavad Memon Jamat, Mumbai,
Mohd. Ali Rd. Merchants Association, Mumbai
Garments Association,
World SUFI Council (Mumbai),
Eid E Miladun Nabi Committee.
Chairman :- Memon Foundation, Employment Bureau (AICMEU)
Vice President :- Red Crescent Society of India, Federation of Retail Traders Association,
Sr Vice President of Mumbai Congress (Minority Dept)
Editor :-Memon Samaj — Janmbhoomi (Gujrati)
Secretary :- Bharatiya Udyog Vyapar Mandal (Delhi),
Ex Asst Secretary General - WMO India Chapter
Treasurer :- All India Business Council
Trustee :- Centre for Aid, Care & Cure of Cancer, Darul Yatama Trust.
Member :- Ex Member — Haj Committee of Maharashtra State
Memon Times Magazine, the only Memon Community magazine managed by Memon Foundation under his Chairmanship which is the largest & most popular monthly magazine circulated in India & Abroad.


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